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BCL Team

Rachadawan Kelar
Managing Director

Professional Experience 

As one of the most respected members of the legal and business community over the past two decades, Rachadawan Kelar, Managing Partner/CEO of RWT International Law Offices is an International Award Winning Entrepreneur and leading business owner over the past eight years. Her role in coordinating with numerous industries and representing a client portfolio that features the most popular names throughout the business world.  

As a highly respected voice in the Thai Legal Community, Rachadawan has continued to identify the demand for high-quality cost-effective Professional services. As an Attorney and Businessowner, Rachadawan oversees all aspects of the day-to day operations of Bangkok Corporate Latitude and also provides the added value of providing a “One-Stop Shop” of Business Services with legal oversight and expediency.  

As Thailand continues to expand its economic footprint throughout the ASEAN community with continued growth and investment, the need for the highest level of trust, transparency, and focused customer communication is paramount.  

This is where the ingenuity and flexibility of an SME allows Rachadawan to offer her clients cost-effective services backed by an experienced legal team and professional support staff.  

As a seasoned Attorney and Businesswoman, her leadership and character have helped build an extensive International Client Portfolio including of the most popular brands worldwide in numerous industries. 

With an innovative and collaborative approach to business, Rachadawan has gone on to pioneer initiatives in 2017 that have since been internationally recognized by her peers.  

These groundbreaking programs installed in RWT such as "Remote Work, Flexible Hours, In-House Educational Support, and Cultural Diversity Initiatives have offered an avenue for young attorneys and women in business to develop professionally with the “1Team1Dream Initiative" at RWT.

No matter what your business and personal needs,
Rachadawan and the team at BCL are here to help! 


Nominations & Awards 

1. Winner of Women in Business of the Year 2023
Event: KING POWER THAILAND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AWARDS (TIBA) 2019 organized by British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT)
2. Winner of Thai Entrepreneur of the Year 2019
Event: KING POWER THAILAND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AWARDS (TIBA) 2019 organized by British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT)
3. Key
Pioneer in WEP in Thailand
4. WEP Signatory- 1st Law Firm/ Privately Owned SME in Thailand 


Professional Qualifications 

  • Thai Qualified Lawyer, Lawyers Council of Thailand 
  • LLB, Thammasat University, Thailand 
  • IP Rights Training courses, the Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand 



  • Thai (native) 
  •  English 
Korrapin Chunlasewok
Sales Executive

Professional Experience 

As International Sales and Property Consultant at Bangkok Corporate Latitude, Korrapin Chunlasewok has focused her passion for providing the highest level of customer service. As her experience has grown, she has been a key member of BCL using her prior business experience in a variety of roles at a leading international law firm in Bangkok.  

With her exceptional English translation and communication skills, Korrapin is experienced in translating detailed legal reports, contracts, and various professional services from Thai to English. Along with her business writing and translation skills, she also excels by using her outstanding listening skills when representing our international clientele and brand representatives from around the world in a variety of core Professional Business Services.  

Using her passion for growth and enthusiasm in International Sales, Korrapin has built a proven track record of success here in the Thai Business Community.  

As a key member of the BCL Team, Korrapin continues to maintain a positive relationship with a number of residential housing projects throughout Bangkok and other attractive residential areas. She has collaborated with Real Estate Professionals, Agents, Human Resource Departments for companies of all shapes and sizes. With her time working side by side with our experienced legal team here in Thailand, her experiences positively impacting client services in regard to financial institutions as well as collaborating with our Work Permit/ Visa Division to coordinate a smooth transition with Immigration Professionals.  

With the focus on our clients, Korrapin has proven a valuable addition to the team. With a wide professional network of industry leaders, Korrapin continues to expand the BCL Corporate Portfolio.  


Professional Qualifications 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Silpakorn University with second class honors


Area of practice

  • Sale Executive to rent-buy real estate. 
  • Translator for the lawyer. 
  • Corporate Learning Organization 



  • English
  • German

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