Education Licensing and Training

Bangkok Cooperative Learning

Bangkok Corporate Learning, a division of Bangkok Corporate Latitude, provides 3D design and technology services to students, faculty, as well as staff in order to provide those institutions that may be eligible as well as those institutions that do not fall under the scope of centralized services offered under the current Academic Blueprint.

The Bangkok Corporate Learning Team and Support Staff

As an integral part of the core services provided alongside with the Academic Certification, Business Training Services, as well as the relevant Software supported by the expertise of the BCL team who are on hand 24/7 to support the technical requests of Students, Faculty, and Staff as outlined below in our Hardware and Software Support sections. Equipment and Software supporting services should be owned by the University as applicable to our program directives.  For personal equipment, we will provide consultation and basic troubleshooting; however, for major repairs on personal equipment we reserve the right to direct faculty and staff to the appropriate repair service.

All Design,Technology, and Support Services work in consultation with the Software Representatives in conjunction with the IT staff serving as the initial point of contact.

Student Support

The BCL design and technology support staff are happy to provide consultation and basic troubleshooting support for student laptops and software related to their educational pursuits and associated with the relevant Academic Institutions. 

Due to legal and staffing constraints, the information technology help desk is not able to do hardware repair, operating system installs, or any support that involves the opening up a student computer in which case would be a conflict to pertaining privacy laws regardless of student’s approval.

We reserve the right to direct students to the Software Technology Desk and Computing Center as they are able to offer that level of support.

Hardware Support

The Design and Technology Services actively support the installation and updated use of the University-owned hardware in relation to the specific software applied.

Software Support

Software support consists of basic installation and troubleshooting for operating systems and standard academic software that is licensed to the BCL team for academic training. Non-standard or individually owned software will be supported on a “best effort” basis if applicable.

Please note that the BCL team of Design and Technology Services staff are not trained to be experts in many software applications that are available to students and staff. However, we will give our best effort when asked for assistance where appropriate.

Virus/Malware Removal

In order to provide the highest level of services to the client, our Design and Technology Services require that the University engaged with BCL have a centrally managed version of McAfee Anti-virus be installed on all University-owned Windows computers. Virus and spyware removal support is available for University-owned equipment only. Due to the length of time required to clean infected systems and the possible loss of data, the Design and Technology Support Services reserves the right to direct customers to the Information Services Help Desk for assistance.

Technology Purchasing

All purchases of university-owned hardware and software technology must first be reviewed by the team at BCL prior to any initial purchase in order to guarantee the proper standards and support needed. 

Once reviewed, the Academic Advisory team in conjunction with the Fiscal Services will work in collaboration with you to submit and track purchase orders.

Other Services Offered
  • File server administration, including temporary course folders and permanent fee-based storage. See the Course Outline and Data Storage page.
  • Software license server management. See the Software Licensing page.
  • Management of the relevant database and website.
  • Informational Management for Students, Faculty and Staff as well as departmental email lists.
  • Video Conferencing schedule of informational meetings and remote trainings as per the Video Conferencing page.
  • Troubleshooting of network and communication problems.
  • Technology support for special projects and events within the school.
Unsupported Services

Due to limited staffing resources, the College of Design, Technology Services is unable to provide the following:

  • Off-campus support
  • Non-Supported Software instructions and/or training
  • Website or database administration

For centralized support offerings such as specific contact information including Software Site Licenses and Locations, please find such information through our Support Services Page