Types of Visa

Scope of Services
  • Assisting with documents for visa applications abroad  
  • Applying for business visa (3 months) in Thailand (Non-B)  
  • Applying for business tracking visa (3 months) in Thailand (Non-O)  
  • Applying for retirement visa (3 months) in Thailand (Non-O)  
  • Applying for Thai spouse visa (3 months) in Thailand (Non-O)  
  • Applying for education visa (3 months) in Thailand (Non-Ed)  
  • Requesting BOI approval of employment documents 
    • Emegency employment  
    • 6-months temporary employment  
    • 12-months permanent employment  
  • Visa extension 
    • Chaengwattana (Central Immigrations)  
    • One-Stop (general)  
    • One-Stop (BOI)  
  • Visa extension for retirement purpose and others (Non-O)  
  • Visa extension for education (Non-Ed)  
  • Long-Tern Resident visas (LTR)  
  • Re-entry Visa/ Single Entry or Multiple Entry  
  • Cancellation of visa  
  • Application for permanent residence
  • Other
    • Transferring visa to new passport  
    • Issue a cancellation letter for visa  

Related additional services

Scope of Services
  • Obtaining documents from the authorities
    For example – Certificate of Incorporation, tax payment forms, social security monthly submission forms, etc.   
  • Visa services for family members of the expat 
  • Translations from English to Thai or vice versa 
  • Certification of translation 
  • Notarization  
  • Legalization (certification by the Thai Consulate and Embassy of expat)  
  • For a (90) day report to the immigration officer